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The latest technology in Composite decking, Modern Deck Superior hard shell solid decking!

Modern Deck is made from a new type of material made by mixing wood powder with HDPE (high density polyethylene) and other chemical additives. Modern DeckTM is safe, environmentally responsible alternative new material that is Eco Friendly and Maintenance Free. Modern DeckTM is made from 90% recycled materials with the main material wood powder being sourced from wood offcuts and waste from manufacturing factories and recycled plastic also sourced from factory and household waste.

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Modern Deck is a solid board available in 8 popular colours, with 2 colours on each board (one on each side) that complement each other. This gives you a final choice of colour prior to installation or to have a feature border around the deck. Modern Deck comes in a 140mm x 22mm x 5400mm sized board - the longest available on the market.

  • No Maintenance costs of any kind

  • Solid boards (not hollow)

  • Full 360° capping for superior protection

  • 3D Anti slip wood grain

  • Realistic colours and grain

  • Will not crack, warp, rot or twist

   •  Superior scratch resistance
   •  Superior stain resistance
   •  Superior fade resistance

   •  Superior mould resistance • Termite resistant
   •  Weather resistant


Modern Deck uses the latest technology in machinery and materials with its fully capped Co-Extrusion outer shell that has a unique lightly embossed realistic 3D anti-slip wood grain pattern which also provides the ultimate protection for the composite core.

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